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Maybe being born in a garage doesn't bode well... an apple knows something about it. And it is precisely among gears, wrenches and the passion for motorcycles of the '60s that the first beer was born. Beer and motors, a combination that for many has been and will always be a way of life. Water, malt, hops and yeast are the four basic elements to produce beer. Now add everything that can come to mind such as the various spices, the different fruits and the countless products that only boundless creativity can imagine or knowledge for perfumes and aromas can recommend. The result of this equation is an infinite number of variables. This is the world of beer. In this world we move daily to make the best that our passion can offer you.
To yours and to our health.


In the cellars of the Antica Birreria di Bellinzona, dating back to 1878, our most exclusive beers rest, mature and evolve. They are beers with spontaneous fermentation that complete their evolution in wooden barriques for periods ranging from twenty-four to forty-eight months. They are delicate and very complex beers that enjoy everything that the environment in which they rest can give them to become unique and inimitable. We patiently trust in the virtues of the time that passes to discover year after year products with an exclusive character, destined for those fine palates always in search of those small nuances that make the difference.


Our team is our family. Motivated to do our best day after day in an "open mind" environment and always ready to evaluate the stimuli that comes to us from everywhere. Making your passion a job is a privilege and here passion is never lacking.

Eric Notari

Brewer, founder

and owner of the ODB

Lucio Notari

Brewer and

production manager

Davide Manara

Beer sommelier, events and

communication coordinator

Giancarlo Albonico

Brewer, fermentation

and maturation manager


A good beer is not only a good recipe, a beer must present itself to the world in the way that best represents your ideas and philosophy. A beer must provide feelings, it is a sensory experience to be lived with the right awareness. This is the only way you can say you drink a beer...

Good emotions.



The collaboration with our neighbours (the Brewery) has created since the beginning a solid foundation that has allowed and still allows a constant evolution and growth. The Brewery is our first testing ground for all our creations, it is a world dedicated to all our beers and to the always excellent gastronomy. From the restaurant you can see some fermenters in the maturation room and a few steps away you will find the ODB shop where you can buy our products or taste the latest news. The Brewery has maintained over time the original spirit that since 1999 offers; a modern and captivating cuisine with a predominantly Mediterranean character combined with a little fusion of traditional international recipes, live music and cabaret shows. The atmosphere is pleasant and suitable for an audience of any age. To learn more go to their website.



"Il Fermento" was born in Lugano, Bellinzona, Mendrisio and then Andermatt from the idea of creating a new style and a new philosophy of Local Brew-Pub. The idea was so much loved that it won the "Best Of Swiss Gastro 2017" award for the first venue opened in Lugano. Prestigious showcases for all our products in the main centres of the canton and beyond Gotthard. "Il Fermento" offers a young, easy-going and high quality gastronomy where the local product is the master: cold cuts and cheeses from the Ticino valleys and Alps, the various reinterpretations of the famous Alsatian “Flammkuche” as well as real gourmet dishes served with flair and refinement such as the rich and delicate soups served in grandmother's tureen or the slow-cooked and low-temperature meats, the pork shank with Lisbeth beer, seasonal dishes, salads and much more. To learn more visit their website.

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