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The constant research, passion and curiosity to experiment new production techniques, allow us to propose different beers throughout the year. You can discover and taste these beers in all the Fermento beers of Lugano, Bellinzona, Mendrisio and Andermatt, at the Birrificio di Bioggio and here with us where you can have a chat to learn more.




Officina della Birra breaks the tradition by proposing La Solitaria contextualizing it in the Covid19 period as a beer to be appreciated alone and calling it so given the strangeness of a Blanche in the Christmas period.



A tribute to Demeter,the goddess of Agriculture.With a glowing colour of rich hops and malt, giving an intense citrus, floral aroma and finishing on a pleasingly bitter note.


In our Shop you can buy all our products and not only, in fact with the precious presence of Davide (beer sommelier) you will be guided in the choice of your ideal beer with the possibility to taste it. In addition to beers, you will also find local products such as corn cakes from Farina Bona in the Onsernone valley, chestnut honey from Alto Malcantone by Guido Macconi, dry chestnuts from Grà di Vezio and much more.

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